Dental Implants and a Thai Holiday for $1000?

There is a lot of people that go to Thailand for dental implants. Australian implants are considered expensive, $5000 - $10,000 for full dental implants, however they are legitimate, warranties  from the suppliers, who have to give a lifetime warranty for the titanium, as well as every component in the implant.

The dentists in Australia are trained and qualified in in dental implants.

If a dentists quotes you cheap implants including the crown e.g. $3000, it is a huge red flag as it is simply too cheap.  If it is coming from a company without a warranty, such as dental companies that do not do R & D, don't do clinical trials, then it a case of you get what you paid for.

Typically the top implant companies come from the US or from Switzerland, such as Zimmer or bymertieye, who have done the clinical trials for over 50 years and offer lifetime warranties.

Dental implants from Thailand typically come in at $1000, which doesn't even cover the cost of the  dental component in Australia. The implants are not coming from a branded company, and the sterile water that is coming from the dental chair is coming from the tap - and people don't want to drink thai water, let alone have it pumped into them during surgery.

The typical cost of going to thailand - airfares ($800), hotels for a few months (dental implants do not take 2 weeks, it takes 6 months to be properly part of your bone) - ($4000), and cost of living for a few months ($2000) begins to approach a similar cost to getting the plants done in Australia, and if something goes wrong (infection, bad components etc) then the cost to return to Thailand for a fix has to be included as well.

But can't you get a cheap job done in Thailand and then if something goes wrong get them fixed in Australia?

I get asked this a lot, and this is always my answer - yes, but it is gong to cost you more money, time and pain then if you had just done it properly in the first place.

With implants, if there is not enough bone, then you need a bone graft. In thailand, where do they get the bone from? Is it donated? Does it have HIV or prions? There are no regulations inThailand so you never know where the bone implant that is being attached to your jaw is coming from.

If you do have complications from implants in Thailand, the dentists in Australia may not be able to retrieve the same components (as we only use top shelf suppliers) as they are not sold in Australia, so we have to cut out the jaw bone to remove the faulty implant.

If you still feel like you want to get the implant done overseas, just beware that you will never get the support from dentists in Australia if something goes wrong as they don't have the components, and you may need a specialist to cut out the component from your jaw bone and start the procedure all over again. Also there is no warranty to go back to Thailand to get the job  redone. There are  lot of risks, and a lot of costs associated with it.


In Australia it will be more expensive, but  you can follow through with your dentists, regular checkups and progress reports, the highest quality components are used, the work is being done by fully qualified and trained dental teams, and is backed by lifetime warranty.

If you add it up, Thai dental implants will costs a lot more then the $1000 price often quoted.