Smile Makeover

If you have missing teeth or worried about your crooked smile - the image provided is an example of a Smile Makeover. 

The client has had both dental implants and braces to correct his bite and uneven smile. We can achieve your ideal smile, while ensuring that the replacement tooth looks as natural as your existing teeth. 

How Long is the Braces Treatment?

Each case varies, but for this specific case it took about 12 months. You have the option of selecting either the traditional metal braces or clear braces. 

How Much Does a Smile Make Over Cost?

Depending on how many teeth you have missing or how crooked your teeth are and whether there is a requirement for gum surgery, the Dentist will have an affordable plan for you to meet your budget. Payment plans can be arranged at our Practice. 

Where is the Implant Made?

Implants are manufactured in the United States of America. At Pain Free Dentist, we use companies that warranty their product and are of a high standard, so you do not need to worry about what goes in your mouth. All the dental implants used are bio-compatible meaning that they won't affect your natural mouth environment.

We use Australian laboratories to custom make the crown ensuring you have a shape, colour and fit match. 

Is the Procedure Safe?

All implants used TGA approved. The procedure can be done under local or sleep sedation. We have the facilities to perform the surgery in a strictly sterile environment. 

Why Choose Us?

There have been a large number of Smile Makeovers performed here at Pain Free Dentist Sydney. All patients are extremely satisfied with their results. We pride ourselves for having high standards and aim to provide you with a comfortable experience. With such a complex procedure, it is essential that you choose the right Dentist to avoid complications.