What our clients say

"Just had my last wisdom tooth taken out by Dr. Lisa Chong and her team, once again a very quick, thorough and most importantly painless experience. Dr. Chong has also followed up with postoperative care to ensure that the wound has healed quickly and with no complications."


"HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Before going to Dr Lisa I had a crippling fear of going to the dentist and had avoided going for over ten years. My teeth were in a horrible state and I was extremely self-conscious about my smile. From the first visit Dr Chong and her team made me feel comfortable and relaxed. They were non-judgmental, very gentle, and there was NO PAIN AT ALL. They tell you exactly what they need to do and how much it is going to cost. I have been back several times and have full confidence and trust in Dr Lisa and her team. "


"I highly recommend this clinic as I find Dr Lisa Chong is very nice, friendly and absolutely a highly skilled dentist. I got my all wisdom teeth taken out at one sit recently and it was a very quick and painless procedure. Even after surgery, I barely felt any pain at all. I was so anxious to get my wisdom teeth out, but now I realised that there was nothing to be scared about. Dr Lisa makes sure that I was comfortable and felt no pain during the procedure. I read about the good reviews about Dr Lisa and surely the reviews are true. I also have had some fillings done at this clinic, check up and cleaning as well. I like the atmosphere of the clinic as the staff and Dr Lisa are so friendly. I have recommended Dr Lisa to all my friends and colleagues and I am happy to find a great dentist that I can trust."


"Lisa is truly a holistic dentist, who cares about you, your whole health and you as a person, she also gave me good advice about other health issues I have.

Experienced.  I was having 14 amalgam fillings replaced with white composites.  And she noticed that because my back teeth had worn down, my front teeth were now grinding together and being damaged.  So she suggested that considering I am having my back fillings replaced, why not have them raised and this will stop my front teeth being damage.  What a great Idea.

Good quality work.  When it came to slightly grinding down my back teeth so the left and right side bite touch at the same time, she kept grinding away and final said its "good now".  I felt like kindly saying to Lisa "personally I thought it was good 10 minutes ago", but I realised that she takes personal pride in her work, and wanted to do a really good job.

Price.  To me there is no such thing as a cheap dentist.  I had quite a lot of work done and Lisa gave me a really good price. So when the job was finished I didn't feel ripped off, I felt I got good value for my money. Bottom line.  If you have problems with your teeth, see Lisa."


"I recently went to see Dr. Lisa Chong for the extraction of my wisdom teeth.  Having consulted a few other dentists who quoted exorbitant amounts to have my wisdom teeth removed, and also told that one would be inoperable due to its proximity to the nerves in the jaw, I was both shocked and surprised when Dr. Chong assured me that it would be a simple, hassle-free procedure.  In fact, Dr. Chong extracted one of my wisdom teeth on the first consultation itself and after healing over the weekend, I returned to have 2 others extracted 2 days later (including the one deemed unsafe to remove).  The procedure was largely pain free and quick, and I was even able to walk home and subsequently made a quick recovery. The practice may seem unassuming but Dr. Chong is an experienced and friendly doctor, and also specialises in wisdom teeth removal and dental surgery.  I would definitely recommend this practice and will be using them as my regular dentist from here on."


"I have been very impressed with the dental treatment I have received from Dr Lisa Chong at “Pain Free Dentist”. I have been frightened to go for any dental work and have avoided seeing a dentist. At the Pain Free Dentist I have received efficient and good treatment and this has helped me restore my confidence. Thanks to the great dental team at “Pain Free Dentist” clinic. "


"Great experience here, have had fillings, a crown and a bridge done with Dr. Lisa. I've had lots of work done on my teeth at several dentists and I would recommend Dr. Lisa to others."


""I got my filling and recrown treatment there. Dr. David has been very patient and the team has been very professional! Thanks a lot!"

"Dr Lisa Chong and her people at Pain Free Dentist provide excellent dental care in a comfortable surgery. Dr Chong seems to genuinely care and is clearly focussed on a quality result in both aesthetics and function. I found Pain Free Dentist when I needed an emergency root canal and I got an appointment within 4 hours. Since then I have had a Crown fitted and some simple fillings. My other appointments have all started right on time, with one exception where things were beyond the dentists control.

My impressions of Dr Lisa Chong are that she is a skilled dentist with a very gentle personality and I would recommend her to anyone from children to professionals. I have given a rating of 4 stars ( "Liked it" ) because 5 stars ( "Loved it" ) seems a bit wrong for a dentist :-)"


"Had to share my recent dental experience with everyone. Just had my third appointment at Pain Free Dentist Rozelle with Dr. Lisa Chong and her team. Dr recently fitted a crown to my rear tooth and I cannot speak more highly of the service both Dr. Chong and her staff afforded me not to mention that through the whole process I experience ZERO pain. To me that's unreal. On my visit today Dr. Chong did a root canal procedure and again no pain. I have already recommended Dr. Chong to some of my friends who like me are cautious about going to a dentist due to previous bad experiences. Well done D. Chong."


"I saw Lisa after having headaches and facial pain for around 12 years and seeing every type of dentist/doctor/natural therapist imaginable.  Lisa recommended the use of muscle relaxant injections which were administered extremely professionally, and along with a bite adjustment this provided a substantial decrease in pain levels whereby I am noticeably more alert during the day and my concentration levels have improved remarkably. I definitely recommend Lisa for anyone interested in muscle relaxant injections and dental pain relief as she takes on a much more holistic approach to dentistry than any other dentist I have seen previously and is actually concerned about her patients' well-being."


"Totally recommended. My husband has a paralyising fear of dental work and has avoided going for years and years which you could tell and he had stopped smiling fully and spoke to hide his teeth. We found Pain Free Dentristy online and my husband was willing to try it. Since then he has now had his whole top row done (which has taken 10 visits which is amazing achievement to get him to go more than once!) and only has a handful of teeth to go on the bottom. Dr Lisa Chong is understanding, non-judgemental and positive. She asked what hubby's favourite music is and puts it on whenever we come, and follows up every time with an email. She and her staff have made it comfortable and easy for hubby to come back and he is so happy with his teeth - he is smiling fully and has lost all the self-consciousness about his teeth. Definitely recommend. Will be going there myself in the new year and taking my son, and will definitely make the trip to the new practice in rozelle when it opens!"


"I have been a patient of Dr Lisa Chong for around 6 months. I was long overdue dental work including complex procedures such as root canal therapy and crowns.  I am a former healthcare practitioner and have aPhD in pathophysiology and consequently overly fussy about the practitioners I choose for our health care needs. Dr Lisa Chong is “par excellence” . Her clinical skills are exceptional, she is gentle and as the business name implies, “truly pain free”. I was truly delighted with the excellent equipment Lisa has at her surgery, includingelectronic root canal equipment which renders this often feared procedure much faster and certainly non traumatic. I have had root canal by a specialist endodontist in the past and can happily report that Lisa’s approach is superior. Moreover, we used to attend a city dental practice that charged like wounded bulls. What a surprise it was when I discovered Dr Lisa’s prices for some procedures are half of what we were used to paying in thepast. Finally, A visit to Dr Lisa can be fun. Yes, actually fun!. Dr Lisa plays your favourite music and provides us with a good laugh, when she sings along to our favouritetunes. Would I recommend this practice?. You bet I would!"


"Dr Lisa Chong is the best dentist I have been to. Lisa is very thorough and highly skilled, telling you exactly what is in store before starting and then carrying out the procedure accordingly, with no surprises. She and her assistants are very caring throughout any procedure, frequently asking how you are and always following up the next day to ensure all's well. My recent wisdom tooth extraction (which I was dreading) was amazingly painless and carried out with admirable skill. I feel very safe and comfortable in the hands of Dr Chong and her team."

"My friend raved about you after seeing you for her wisdom teeth extraction. She was so impressed with her pain free experience that she had her braces done with you too.   It has taken a while but my friend has managed to convince me to come and see you because I am a coward, I never like going to the dentist. But, you have changed my mind. You are very gentle and patient with me. I know my mouth needs a lot of work and I am willing to get it fix by someone who is competent and knows how to handle anxious patients like myself.  I have had my bone grafting and dental implant done under IV sedation and I love it, love it, love it. No pain and I don’t even remember the surgery. There are still some dental fillings that need to be done and I now am proud to say that I see the dentist without sedation. Dr Lisa, thank you for restoring both my mouth and confidence with the dentist."


"I find your clinic to be one of the most pleasant dental clinics I've been to... the atmosphere is very lively... the staff is very friendly. One important aspect about you and your staff is the passion for what you / they do... they have fun at work! The aspect I most appreciate is the range of options you offered me with regards to what I need or needed to be done. Lastly, the clinic's name is your best advertisement because, for me, it has really been a pain free experience! I'm glad that my wife, Bea, introduced me to you and your clinic. Looking forward to my next appointment..."


"What can I say, after years of putting off getting my wisdom teeth out due to fear of the dentists, quoted extreme costs for removals and that I would have to go under general atheistic due to how they were impacted it all seemed too overwhelming. After seeing some great reviews about Dr. Lisa Chong who specialises in wisdom teeth removals, I recently went to see her after my wisdom teeth started to play up again and the reviews don’t lie…. Lisa and her team are the most experience and friendliest dentistry I have ever been to, they make you feel at ease and as previously mention in other comments she assured me that it would be simple, hassle free procedure and that it could be done there and then which was also both shocking and surprising to me. I had all four wisdom teeth removed at my consolation on a Friday afternoon all while my favorite music videos were playing (thanks to Dr. Lisa), the procedure was quick and largely pain free and I was back to work on the Monday…unbelievable! I have full confidence and trust in Dr Lisa and her team and will definitely be a returning customer "


"Have been 3 times for checkup. Dr Lisa is always fair and upfront. I have recommended her to friends and they all thank me. "


"Best dentist ever!!! Seeing a dentist is never high on my itinerary but this dentist is not a normal dentist. Lisa is super caring, very thorough, totally dedicated to her customers. If you can't stand pain, then this dentist is for you. If you are a dentalphob, then start here. Lisa and her team are such warm and loving people. Lisa is very experienced and highly trained in her craft. If you worried about price, then this pain free dentist is where I'd go. If you don't know what you can claim, Lisa is the expert! Lisa explains everything in simple terms and give you control to make decisions you feel comfortable with. If you need loooots of dental work like I did, then I'd put my trust in Lisa. I found this dentist by accident during an emergency, I had to get out of a lot of pain. I was in and out before I knew it, no fuss, no pain. Truly an amazing experience. I will not disclose her trade secrets here but you have got to try this dentist. Good bye bleeding gums, good bye sensitive teeth. Come and see Lisa and her team, you'll come out feeling a million bucks."


"I had a fear of going to the dentist and put it off until one day the pain became unbearable, a quick search for a local dentist came up with Dr Lisa at pain free dentistry, i thought why not give it a go. Dr Chong explained everything that needed to be done and how much it would all cost, she and wendy are very professional and friendly. I now have no problems to going to the dentist anymore. Would recommend to my family and friends."


"I first saw Dr Lisa in Bankstown in 2001. Before that I was so terrified of dentists that not even pain, infection and fever from abscesses could convince me go to the dentist. Since then, Lisa has extracted four of my teeth (quickly and painlessly) and I have had many other procedures as well. With her amazing assistant Wendy, I now look forward to travelling all the way to Alexandra to go to the dentist!"


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