Is Tooth Pain really Tooth Pain?

Everybody experiences tooth or jaw pain at some stage in their life, however there are many different possible causes and remedies. Here are a few of the types of pain patients typically feel.

The pain could be coming from the jaw, which could be due to clenching, can be felt like the pain is coming from the muscle, and further investigation is required. It may reveal there is a bite issue, and if so an orthodontic treatment can be used, such as night guard or splints.

It could be coming from the tooth, and if tested by a dentist could result in discovering the pain is coming from the nerve, where a tooth extraction may be required. If the pain is coming from unspecific areas, such as the gums, and they are looking infected, the gum pain treatment could be as simple as a dental clean, or in more serious cases may require gum surgery.

At the other end of the spectrum jaw and tooth pain could also be a side effect of cancer or aphthous, and may require steroid treatment. Of course all of these should be diagnosed by dentists and not "Dr Google"!

Another pain is called "referred pain", and is pain that comes from different parts of the body that is not related to the painful areas. A classic example of this is someone who has had a heart attack will talk of pain related to the jaw, also the shoulder and elbow. Referred pain could also be coming from the neck or back muscles, especially for office workers, with severe postural pain.

Once again it is important for a specialist or qualified dentist to have a look, so if you are feeling pain in and around your jaw, give us a bell so we can get to the bottom of it!