The Great Neurotoxin Ban And What It Means For You

For dentists, there are many words we are strictly not allowed to use in advertising. Renowned, Specialist, Hugely experienced, as well as phrases such as "lines and wrinkles will be permanently eliminated" are big no-nos when it comes to advertising. One that may surprise you, however, is Neurotoxin

Neurotoxin is a prescription-only medicine (POM), which should be injected by a suitably qualified health professional and therefore cannot be advertised to the public.

A lot of people are seeking Neurotoxin for TMJ, and patients are unaware that dentists are not allowed to advertise the terms "Neurotoxin", as the Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA) claims it is a controlled section drug, and these medications nd cannot be advertised for therapeutic use, with a penalty of $25,000 for disobeying the rules.

The work around for dentists is generally to prescribe "anti-wrinkle" solutions for TMJ, although it is obviously the wrong term, similar to the use of muscle relaxant in terms of advertising Neurotoxin. As patients cannot find it, and as dentists cannot advertise it, it makes it very difficult and confusing for most people. Dentists even have a hard time obtaining Neurotoxin as many suppliers do not want to sell them Neurotoxin under pressure from the TGA.

There are alternatives for Neurotoxin, and even when Neurotoxin is prescribed for TMJ, the regulations state that dentists have to be trained and fully insured for treating with Neurotoxin, and also they want to regulate who can administer Neurotoxin in Australia. Even though it has proven results for TMJ, it is currently very difficult for Dentists to use it in Australia.

In the US and UK, dentists are allowed to administer Neurotoxin for TMJ, or muscle clenching purposes, which is a shame as dentists are experts in giving injections, and have studied the head and neck for over 5 years, longer then a regular doctor. We give injections into the face every day, yet we are still not "trusted" by the TGA.

When dentists are not allowed to talk about Neurotoxin for TMJ or for clinical use, we have to prove to the public that we have the rights to use it. The suppliers want us to write pages of proof about why we are using it to even purchase Neurotoxin

In short we have solutions for your TMJ, and as we are unable to advertise what these legal, professionally administered solutions are, if you're suffering from TMJ then please get in touch.