Infection Control at Pain Free Dentist

Infection control is an exceptionally important element to consider when visiting a Dental practice. Without appropriate infection control, the risk of transmitting infection is heightened and puts both patients and staff at risk.

At Pain Free Dentist, we pride ourselves in performing the highest possible standards of infection control in accordance with the Dental Board of Australia Guidelines. All staff at Pain Free Dentist have been trained thoroughly in infection control procedures and engage in routine infection control training. Additionally, all staff have access to hard and soft copies of the Infection Control Manual and Protocols.

At Pain Free Dentist we ensure that decontamination of all the work areas is carried out between each individual patient. All instruments used undergo strict cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation procedures.  Disinfected instruments are packed into pouches and placed through the autoclave which uses high pressure and heat to sterilize.

Each patient receives their own individual pouches containing a sterilisation tracking code which is recorded at the end of each visit on their file. Additionally, all staff must wear appropriate protective equipment when treating patients. Therefore you can be confident that you are being treated in a safe dental environment when visiting Pain Free Dentist.