Causes of Clicking during Breastfeeding

Have you noticed that your baby makes a clicking sound while they are nursing? This usually indicated that the seal or suction is being broken numerous times as the baby feeds. There are many reasons as to why this issue occurs and you must evaluate the symptoms that you and the baby are experiencing and inform your lactation nurse.

When the mother is comfortable (i.e. she is not experiencing any nipple soreness or pain) and the baby is growing and gaining adequate weight relative to their age then there is probably no reason to worry about this. However, if the mother is experiencing discomfort as a result of breastfeeding, and the baby is losing weight than the underlying issue must be identified.

Some causes of clicking during breastfeeding include poor positioning, poor latching, breast milk oversupply, fast let down, teething, ear infections and intraoral infections such as thrush.

Anatomical variations in the baby’s mouth can also cause clicking however this is a less common reason. Such variations include, tongue and lip tie as the baby will not be able to maintain adequate seal during feeding. Furthermore, highly arched palates and clefts of the soft palates can also be a reason of clicking during breastfeeding.

In conclusion, if you find that your baby is clicking during feeding, do not worry. It is always a good idea to consult your lactation nurse to rule out any problems. 

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