Dental Phobia or Anxiety? Here is Pain Free Dental Solution!

Dental phobia and dental anxieties can be crippling when that fear prevents you from seeking required treatment.


There are several kinds of dental phobias, but the most frequent phobia concerns needle injections and the pain they cause. Known as trypanophobia, the intense fear of needles can make people dread (both mentally and physically) even the sight of the device in question. Some dire conditions, like oral cancer, are time sensitive and need to be diagnosed early to be treated effectively, so it’s not just your oral health at stake, it’s your overall health.


The good news is Dr Lisa has the experience and skills required for you to experience pain free dentistry.


Making Pain Free Dentistry Accessible to all

The great thing about a painless injection is that it allows the dental practice to offer an in-demand service. Many dental-phobic patients might have severe conditions and want to visit their dental practices but avoid doing so due to their intense fears. Knowing that their dentists can ensure that they don’t feel the pain or the fear during treatment encourages them book appointments, which is a key way dentists help patients overcome their phobias. Here at Pain Free Dentist Sydney, we are really good at it.


The dental practice has changed drastically in the digital age, and there are many more practices per one location of a city or town. As a result, it can be difficult for a single practice to attract and retain patients who desperately need treatment, but who avoid appointments because of their phobias. However, requesting your dentist consider acquiring a painless injection can go miles, as not every dentist can do pain free injection.


No Longer Defined by Fear

At the end of the day, dentistry that is defined by comfort means that your health is taken care of. We want to be able to assure we nip any conditions that could turn dire in the bud, and doing so we can help as many dental-phobia patients as possible. We can provide several methods of sedation. Just call us and make a booking to ascertain the level of sedation required. We require a consultation prior to any sedation bookings. As treatment time and procedures as well as medical conditions are pre-requisites to determining a treatment plan. On your first visit, the dentist will have a chat with you, and look into your mouth with just a mouth mirror. Do not worry, no sharp instruments are used on this visit. We will do a thorough examination and take a few x-rays to determine a diagnosis of your issues so that the sedation session can be effectively planned.