Tongue and Lip Tie: Frequently Asked Questions

If my child has a lip tie, what are the chances that they also have a tongue tie?

  • There is a very high chance that your child may also have a tongue tie 
  • This does not mean that both the tongue tie and lip tie need to be treated.
  • Treatment will depend on the signs and symptoms

What is better, using a laser or scissors for tongue tie release?

  •  In the hands of an experienced clinician it should not matter what method is used to release the tongue/lip tie
  • Both procedures will produce excellent results if done correctly

What do you do after the tongue/lip tie procedure?

  • The Dentist will inform parents about certain exercises (e.g. stretches) that they should perform on the child.
  • This will prevent reattachment and promote healing. 
  • They can be done while the child is awake or asleep 
  • The child should also be brought in for a review appointment to assess that everything is going to plan and healing well.  

Can a tongue tie cause speech problems?

  • Not everyone who has a tongue tie will have speech problems - it is usually case based. That being said, it is very common though. 
  • The most affected letters are CH, TH, SH, S, L and R sounds 
  • There is an improvement in speech following tongue tie release

When can I expect to see Improvements in breastfeeding?

  • Typically you will see an improvement straight away following release, however it could take as long as a week to show
  • We recommend that you also seek assistance from a lactation nurse after the procedure
  • At Pain Free Dentist Sydney we can recommend a lactation nurse for you if you do not have one already

Are stitches necessary following a tongue or lip tie release?

  • For children stitches are not necessary however for adult tongue tie release they may be needed.
  • It all depends on the degree of tongue tie that will be released. You will be informed whether or not you will need stitches at your initial consultation  

We hope that this has helped answer some of your questions! If you have any other questions in regards to tongue or lip ties, please do not hesitate to call us on (02) 9558 8988.