Adult Tongue Tie Revision

Symptoms of tongue tie before surgery

Tongue tie symptoms in adults is presents a broader set of conditions and diseases.

Here are the symptoms:

Lack of energy and sugar craving, brain fog

Sleep apnea or bad sleeper, snoring

Chronic Neck and Back pain

Pain In Jaw Joint


Mouth breathing and dry lips

Teeth sensitivity when drinking water




Am I Tongue Tied? How to identify oral restrictions

Does any of the above sound familiar?  If you suffer any of these conditions, let’s do a simple test that may reveal a tongue tie.

  • Do a finger swipe under your tongue, is there a catch? It should be a smooth transition. There should be no flap under the tongue.
  • Do you have a strong gag reflex?
  • Stick your tongue out, straight, now can you lift the tip without moving the rest of the tongue?  The tip should move independently to the rest of the tongue.
  • Open your mouth, as wide as it goes. Without moving or closing the jaw, can you reach the tip of your tongue to spot behind your upper front teeth? Your tongue should reach the spot behind your front teeth at FULL jaw opening.
  • Can your tongue comfortably wipe across the outer sides of your upper and lower back teeth and reach where the gums connect with the cheeks?
  • Can you move your lips side to side (lips closed) without moving the entire jaw? The lips should be able to move independently to the jaw. Lip tie restricts full lip movement.

*There are other signs on the face and body that a well trained professional can assess as well as several related issues that stem from tongue restriction. These include airway, posture, and sleep and a practitioner can assess you beyond just appearance of the tongue.


Adult Tongue Tie Surgery

Before Tongue Tie Surgery

As a trained Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist, Dr Lisa Chong and her great team at Pain Free Dentist Sydney will develop a program for you to assist in Nasal breathing, Correct tongue posture and swallowing function.

Tongue tie surgery types for adults

This treatment can be carried out without needing to have General Anesthetic and options are:

  • Release of the frenum by scissors with local anaesthetic.
  • Release of frenum by laser.


Tongue tie surgery complications

  • Recurrence of lingual frenum can occur, especially in growing children. This may mean a revision is necessary in certain cases.
  •  Always consult with your practitioner regarding potential risks and complications before surgery.


What is the cost of tongue tie surgery for adults? 

Prices generally vary from depending on the level of support and lead up treatment. 

If you have a question regarding adult tongue-tie release, please call and book at (02) 9558 8988.